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Hand crafted goods created by New Haven artisans and artists

East Street Arts

Meet our # 1 Best Seller

The Flour Sack Towel

East Street Arts, a social enterprise of Marrakech, Inc.has the perfect shop for unique gifts and items for your home. Choose from a range of housewares, textiles, accessories, handcrafted soap and candles, and more. Almost all of the products are first developed in the art studio, and designed or handmade by the East Street Arts artisans, before going to production for the storefront and online store. A small portion of additional items from local artists is also sold in the shop.

East Street Arts Gallery

New Haven Green Magnet

New Haven Green Magnet

New Haven Shot Glass

New Haven Shot Glass


Gallery & Workshops

597 East St,

New Haven, CT, 06511

(203) 776-6310

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