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We Are Environmentalists! 

We run our hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, and chainsaws on lithium batteries or propane to limit greenhouse emissions.


New Haven has among the region’s top asthma rates, and we are proud to use “eco-friendly and pet-friendly organics in place of harsh chemicals.”


Executive Ecoscaping offers spring and fall cleaning services. We can repair, replace, and install garden beds; We will consult with you to turn any area into a beautiful oasis.  


We offer the premium performance line"OASIS" to ensure a higher level of performance and products.

Oasis Blended Bermuda Grass seed is a blend of certified improved bermudagrasses, selected for increased genetic diversity and a broader spectrum of adaptation when compared to an individual variety. Research shows that seed blends express the strengths of the component varieties, while masking individual varietal weaknesses. The varieties in Oasis were selected to complement each other, each contributing their strengths. When compared to the individual varieties making up Oasis, the resulting blend will produce superior turf. In public and private trials, all of the components of Oasis have exceeded the turf quality of common bermudagrass by over 20%. For more information on Oasis Blended Bermuda

Additional services include general lawn care: mowing, weed whacking, and blowing debris), shrub/bush trimming, gardening, seeding, fertilizing, and mulch.

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I have been in love with Nature my entire life, I joined the landscaping scene in 2015 when I became the founder of Executive Ecoscaping.


I am able to service clients with a battery of operating equipment and my end goal is to help curb the impact pollution has on our environment.   It all started with a push mower and within the past six years, I have seen a steady progression in the business


To further my knowledge of landscaping I listen to podcasts, watch Youtube

videos, and attend seminars. These supplementary tools have helped me gain a broader understanding of landscaping and to remain on-trend with new developments that will both streamline my processes and deliver a higher quality of service and results.


It all started with a push-mower.  I grew up the eldest child under a single-parent household.   Neighborhood lawn care was an opportunity for me to earn money throughout high school.