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Fairhaven Furniture

By Colleen Gala, CEO

How did your company get its name? How did it start?

Kerry Triffin started the business in 1981 under the name Fairhaven Woodworks. At that time, while living in Fair Haven, he was making custom furniture and cabinets out of his basement. As the company grew he rented out space here in our current location also in Fair Haven, hence the name Fairhaven Woodworks. As the company continued to grow, the business transitioned from a woodshop to a full retail store. In 2005 the name changed to Fairhaven Furniture to better suit the current direction of the business. In 2016 Kerry and his wife Liz retired and their nephew Lao Triffin and long time employee Colleen Gala took over ownership.

What does interaction with a customer typically look like?

Our customers are the most important part of our business. A customer that comes to Fairhaven Furniture can expect a welcoming environment and easy going, knowledgeable designers. We do not pressure our customers but rather give them the information and advice that would best suit their needs. Customers are our number one priority from the time they walk through the door until we leave their home after delivering their furniture.

Fairhaven Furniture is a place that is unique, with people who are passionate and offering an experience guaranteed to be fun!

What is your most popular service or product?

A unique service that our store offers is home design consultations. These aren't like the design consultations that you would get at a big box retailer. We have formally trained interior designers on staff that come to your home in teams of two to measure the space and figure out what pieces of furniture would work best with your home and lifestyle. We are experts in space planning and have quality products to last a lifetime.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

Our long term goal for Fairhaven Furniture is to keep the business growing to the third generation of owners and beyond. This business is family owned and operated and valued by the New Haven community. New Haveners deserve a place to beautify their home that offers good quality products from a knowledgeable staff.

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