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GRL And Realtors, LLC

By Gena Ruocco-Lockery, CEO

How did your company get its name? How did it start?

My company name is a combination of my initials and the representation of the team of Realtors that work together with me. I opened my company in 2004 in New Haven after working in Guilford and and the shoreline for 5 years. I found I had a great love for working in city and servicing the New Haven community.

What does interaction with a customer typically look like?

Throughout my 25 year real estate career, I have enjoyed training and helping many Licensed Real Estate Agents to embrace real estate as a full time career. When I built my company, I created a slogan which has carried us through the past 17 years; " You are more than a client, you are our neighbor!" The idea was basic, build a local real estate team around the same principles that make great neighbors. We are available and open, we make every endeavor fun, we do the little extra things for our clients, we are introduced by our clients as friends and neighbors first and Realtors after. This is the core of our company. I have owned and managed GRL and Realtors, LLC for 17 years and I have built a great team of agents who support and believe in my philosophy. I have a great appreciation for the work it takes to be successful in the real estate industry.

What’s the most meaningful part of what you do?

“Matching buyers with sellers.” The most meaningful part of a real estate transaction is finding buyers their dream home, building relationships, and making clients new neighbors.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

I am looking forward to opening our new office location in Wooster Square. My family and I have been fulfilling a long time dream to turn a neglected out building in Wooster Square into the home of our office surrounded by beautiful gardens.

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