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Hair's Kay Beauty Salon

Kay, CEO

How did your company get its name? How did it start?

Whenever I would meet someone I would say, "Here's Kay." Then when I decided to open my salon, a friend told me "That's your business name: Hair's Kay."

I came from Jamaica to the US in 1987. There was an open space nextdoor to my family's business, and I worked on creating my hair salon there. After dedicated customers, hard work, and help from the community, I now have Hair's Kay.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

People from all kinds of backgrounds come to get their hair done. I love to learn about clients' lives, hobbies, interests—especially women of color. I personally open the door to greet every person who walks in, and I make sure they feel warm and welcome in a colorful, happy space. Right away, I want clients to know it's about them and what they want.

What is your most popular service or product?

My most popular service is hydration and thermal texturizing. I love to take care of women of color and make them feel beautiful.

How has your business been impacted by COVID-19? What makes your business unique?

I see usually five clients a day for about two hours each. I've had to limit how many people I can see per day because of COVID,

My business is unique because of the experience I'm dedicated to giving to each of my clients. I have real conversations with everyone who walks in the door; I remember their names, their children's names, what they do, where they're from. People come back because everyone is family.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business? What is the most important business problem for you to solve in the future?

My long-term goal had been to be in business for over twenty years, and I accomplished this goal already! I just want my business to keep on running, happily and comfortably.

In the Black community, it's hard to run successful businesses. We're not treated like businesses because we barely get seats at the table. We need to support Black-owned businesses more.

Social media:

Facebook: @hairskaysalon

Instagram: @hairskaysalon

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