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Heartfelt Catering LLC

By Aaron Lee: Founder, CEO, and Executive Chef of Heartfelt Catering

How did your company get its name?

Our company got its name from wanting to give our food the same taste and feeling as soul food but with a new style of cuisine that’s more healthier and beneficial for you! Our food is truly good for the soul by using whole foods and healthier alternatives. Our dishes are delicious and made with love that’s why it’s called Heartfelt catering LLc.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

I believe we have something for everyone here at Heartfelt Catering because our ingredients are inspired by many different cultures. There’s a dish for everyone to connect to. Our customer interaction is usually pretty up close and personal as I love to interact with customers and make them feel comfortable and at home. Before I leave an event I try to make it my business to see if everyone is enjoying their time and always listening for feedback on how I can improve.

What is one business that you look up to and why?

One business that I look up too is Burlington coat factory. Though our businesses are two completely different fields our motto is the same. Burlington prides its brand on giving consumers quality clothing for a low price. In return the make customers feel good knowing they can get some great name brands low getting the mist there dollar. The motto is the same at heartfelt. We like to inspire healthier eating by making it more available at a great price for the community to thrive off.

Tell us about your day-to-day work routine.

Right now I’m a mobile caterer so my day to day still consists of a full time job, and I’m also a dad so my days usually consist of work and parenting. When I have down time, I use it to work on new menus, upcoming events, and networking etc. What’s unique about my brand is that I’m trying to merge to styles of cuisine to make my own which is gourmet soul and health-conscious. I could easily choose the typical wings or soul food or American style cuisine, but I’m choosing to raise the bar while raising awareness at the same time. To describe my business in three words– I would say blood sweat and tears– because I put everything I have into building my brand from the ground up.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

I aspire to be a traveling chef with a restaurant back in my hometown that a stable to my community and the city. I want it to be a high tourist attraction, as well. I’m currently saving money to open up my own space some day.

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