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JenteelNature Health

By Dr. Jennifer Pierre, Founder and CEO of JenteelNature Health

Tell us about your background and what inspired you to lead this company.

JenteelNature Health (JNH) provides patient-centered healthcare: health education, nutrition and preventive treatment protocols; this care goes beyond what is normally offered in a conventional primary care setting. As the founder and CEO of JNH, I use my combined 18+ years of experience as both a naturopathic physician and public health professional to apply the principles I have learned to prevent disease, protect the health of the public and promote healthy lifestyles. I am extremely passionate about health equity and improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations. To reduce the current rates of chronic disease, our targeted populations include communities lacking access to preventive care.

I (Dr. Jennifer Pierre) decided to start my business because I saw a gap in the healthcare market that I could fill. Many people are seeking out integrative and holistic doctors for an in-depth approach to healthcare; furthermore, there is a lack of minority-owned businesses of this type. After working and managing other medical practices, I decided it was time to apply this acquired knowledge to my own venture.

What does interaction with a customer typically look like?

At JNH, our patients are treated with individualized care focused on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As a naturopathic medical office specializing in women’s health and fertility, we strongly advocate for integrative medicine, so that patients can benefit from all aspects of medical treatment. Our patients are delighted with longer, more comprehensive visits in contrast to their usual doctors’ appointments. We make it a priority that our patients feel welcomed and informed; this is demonstrated in their very first interaction with our staff. Our practice serves as safe space for all people, but especially those who identify as women, especially Black and brown women, who often report they have not felt heard in the conventional medical model. At JenteelNature Health, patients have a fulfilling experience with doctors they can trust, resulting in improved health and wellbeing.

What is your most popular service or product?

Our most popular service is our fertility package because it takes the guesswork out of setting the foundation for optimal fertility. We provide thorough lab testing including hormone panels with review, nutritional consulting with a dietary plan and only utilize high quality medical grade supplements. Every day, I witness the emotional toll that infertility has on patients. Some women are even willing to risk their lives in efforts to produce a child. By providing education to women about diet and lifestyle changes that can mitigate pre-existing conditions, we are empowering individuals and giving them a voice to demand more from healthcare. For example, many women are unable to conceive due to easily treatable dietary and hormonal deficiencies that do not require Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). In these cases, time and money is saved by preventing unnecessary procedures.

What’s the most meaningful part of what you do?

The most meaningful part of the work we do is restoring confidence in the medical system and physicians overall. I see patients all the time who have not seen a doctor in years because they do not trust doctors or have experienced a medically related trauma. They are grateful for the care we provide and tell their friends and family members (a referral is the greatest compliment). I am well aware of the issues in the patient experience because I not only work in the system, but am a patient as well; I tackle these issues and provide a better experience.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

My long-term goal is to eliminate health care disparities in the healthcare system. Working in healthcare for almost 20 years, the gaps are evident to me and I profess that the system has to change dramatically to eliminate them. It is a huge undertaking, but the current reactionary model has not made people healthier. We should not have to go through another pandemic to recognize that we have to move towards a preventive model to make greater strides in chronic disease management. The technological advances in medicine are necessary and save lives, but we need to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. I am doing my part, but I hope to see larger health care facilities move in this direction. I would like to see every hospital with an integrative department that includes naturopathic physicians and other medical providers who prioritize wellness and are trained in both western and natural medicine. This is why my business has a three-pronged focus - patient care, public health consulting and corporate wellness programming. This way the systemic problems are addressed from all angles. We also working to raise funds through our non-profit arm to cover service fees for select patients.


We provide discounts to students, seniors and medicaid recipients.

Social Media:

Facebook: @DrJenniferPierre


Instagram: @drjpierre

Twitter: @DrJPierre

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