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BigFaceLove is Bill and Kristin Banick. Our approach to teaching yoga, taijiquan (t'ai-chi) and meditation is to create a safe and open environment where laughter and acceptance is encouraged, allowing students to feel comfortable learning and exploring their practice.

How did your company get its name?

My Company's name is a combination of two things: a tribute to my Late Chinese teacher whose last name, Chang Jiang, translates into Long River, and a tribute to my Wife's beautiful Big Face.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

Anyone who is feeling stressed out and needs to build an oasis of self. We meet virtually and/or live for class and I assess and teach them based on my knowledge and experience from working with clients for over 30 years.

What’s a business accomplishment that your’e proud of?

My ability to develop a sincere relationship with all my students.

Social media:

Website- T'aiChiGuy@billbankk

Facebook- @BigFaceLoveYoga

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