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Mindless Thoughts

How did your company get its name? How did it start?

It started when I told my family one day out of the blue I want to start a clothing line. They were all shocked because it was random and I was a basketball player. Then I told the same to my best friend (who is my business partner now). She gave me the start up money to get some clothing and that’s how Mindless Thoughts started.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

Honestly, anyone would enjoy our products. We are very versatile, colorful and aren’t biased. We have a wide range of sizes from xs-3x and sometimes 4x. We treat every customer as if they are family, giving them a customer experience they won’t forget.

What is your most popular service or product?

Our hoodies and jackets tend to be our most popular and most asked for item. Our hoodies are vibrant, great quality and a “show stopper” Our jackets are unique and beautiful!

What’s a business accomplishment that you're proud of?

To date our biggest accomplishment has definitely been opening up a storefront in our city. For a long time we were selling out of the trunks of our cars or having pop up shops. Recently we opened our Mindless Thoughts Clothing store that has been receiving a lot of traffic, even during the pandemic since our doors opened. We are located at 1296 State st New Haven, CT.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

Our goal for this business has always been to give back to our community. After having left over clothes for a certain amount of time we donate them to the homeless shelters. Our biggest goal is to one day open our own homeless shelter with the help of Mindless Thoughts.

Social media:

IG/Twitter: @mndlessthoughts

Facebook: Mindless Thoughts


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