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Paris Realty Group

How did your company get its name?

We are named after our owner Mendel Paris who started the business to help New Haven dwellers find apartments easily.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

We are passionate about renting to everyone because there is not one specific kind of person looking for a new place to call home.

Tell us about your latest product or service

The latest addition to our collection of apartments is a beautiful complex, 66 Norton Points, where we have over 40 units available ranging from 1-3 bedrooms. We are very excited to collaborate on this and look forward to renting to many people soon!

What makes your business unique?

We may be in the real estate industry but we pride ourselves as being a client-first company. All of our agents and staff love interacting and meeting with the landlord and tenants alike. It is most meaningful when we can find the right apartment for someone and see the excite in their eyes when we can hand them over the keys to their new home.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

Our long term goal is to continue to grow our company to reach as many people as possible. Right now we mainly focus on renting in the New Haven area, but as we grow we would love to expand to more parts of CT.

Social media

Instagram: @Paris.realtygroup

Facebook: @parisrealtygroup

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