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Vintanthro Modern & Vintage

Vintanthro Modern & Vintage is home to an expertly curated vintage shop and features a rotating selection of local & handmade goods.

How did your company get its name? How did it start?

vintage: of lasting interest and importance / anthropology: the science of humans and their work / modern: pertaining to present and recent time

Founded in 2011, Vintanthromodern features expertly curated vintage and modern clothing, shoes, and accessories and home goods for women and kiddos. We also carry local and small batch goods like candles, letterpress cards, jewelry and textiles. Handpicked daily, owner and founder Melissa Gonzales scours the state of Connecticut (and the Midwest and Deep South from time to time) to bring you the very best clothing, shoes and accessories from times past, along with modern gifts.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

Vintanthro has something for everyone! We have a very diverse customer base and pride ourselves on creating a meaningful, fun and inspiring shopping experience for ALL.

What are best selling products/most popular services?

Vintanthro is known for it's expertly curated selection of everyday wearable vintage but we also carry a wide variety of handmade and small batch gifts.

Why New Haven?

We absolutely adore New Haven and have been committed to being in New Haven from the start. Westville has been our home for almost 3 years and we love the creative and collaborative community that thrives here - even during the challenging times of the pandemic.

What’s a long term goal you have for your business?

Long term we'd like to continue to be a source for one-of-a-kind, sustainable, and small batch clothing and gifts. It is also very important to us to be a welcoming and affordable place to access stylish and eco-friendly goods.

Any current discounts/deals that we can promote?

We offer 20% every single Tuesday and 50% the first Friday of each month

Social media:

IG- @vintanthromodern

Facebook- @thevintanthromobile

YouTube- Vintanthromodern Vintage

Twitter- @vintanthromod

Pinterest- Vintanthro Modern & Vintage


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