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2020 & Beyond

New Haven Celebrates
Small Businesses

No one could have ever imagined this would happen to us at this time and in a place we call home.  But it did.  It's like living in another dimension where our normal lives have stopped  - been turned upside down and are in a new state of finding balance.  


For small businesses - this is a challenging and uncertain time -   You see, to grow a business means one has made the decision to devote everything they have to make it successful- time, effort, planning, and more planning, aggravation, sleep - more sleep  and perseverance to sustain - no matter what - because they believe in a vision and want others to see it - Not because it's theirs but because its something special - that they want to share. What we know to be true is that we can't afford to let these visionary entrepreneurs flounder and/or lose hope in their commitments to their dreams -. And, that's why we need you.

Marketplace New Haven is made possible by a grant from the City of New Haven


Market Place New Haven is a space for believers to present their most special creations, and offerings to a community of supporters whom we believe will see them through this crisis. It is a link to our makers, bakers, and caretakers, our trainers, curators, teachers, groomers, and dare we say Zoomers who have found a way to connect their services to those who need them in a direct yet virtual way.

Support them and gain something valuable for your own well being - a sense of pride in our City - Our home and our vision to come together in New Haven.

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