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EIR Urban Youth Boxing, Inc.

Elephant in the Room Boxing Club (EIR) is a non-profit organization located in New Haven, Connecticut. EIR was founded by Executive Director, Devonne Canady. The first and only Gold Medalist Amateur World Champion in the sport of boxing for nine years.

Tell us about your business.

The elephant in the room youth boxing, inc. (hereafter “eir”) aims to help youth, especially those within the newhallville neighborhood of new haven, develop discipline, an understanding of sound principles of nutrition, and excellent physical conditioning through a program of mentoring, training, and coaching through the sport of boxing. The program will directly and efficiently battle the growing childhood and youth obesity epidemic within the region by providing an unmatched form of exercise, building self-confidence, and promoting self-esteem.

What kind of person would enjoy your product or service?

Boxing offers children several mental benefits that they need in their daily lives. Improved physical health and improved performance in the ring can build the child's confidence. In addition, when boxing an opponent or just punching a speed bag, extreme focus is required. This can translate into better focus in the classroom. The sport also helps youngsters control anger and aggression. Children learn that losing their tempers in the boxing ring is actually counter-productive. When young boxers successfully complete rigorous workouts and matches, they also learn about self-discipline and determination.

It is our hopes that by providing a “safe haven” for our youth will impact some of the gun violence, theft, drug dealings, etc. Our organization will build bridges between the youth in neighboring communities dismantling the “territory lines” by offering our boxing program to residents of west river, kensington square, edgewood ave, and newhallville communities.

What’s a business accomplishment that you’re proud of?

Although we will provide a recreation program, we will encourage education, mentorship, and support our local educational system. Students must be in “good” academic standing prior to joining the program. Many of our youth are referred through social media, new haven public schools, connecticut job corp, department of children and families, clifford beers and the youth services dept within the city of new haven. Currently we are a vendor for the department of children and families. Furthermore, eir is the 2021recipient of the minority, inclusion and diversity award given by the greater new haven chamber of commerce.

What is the most important business problem for you to solve in the future?

Our most important business problem is we are in need of a new home for our gym. We are at the end of a ten year lease in our current location. Our short term goal is to move to a larger space. We have operated out of a 1200sqft usable space for 10 years!

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